Anne Halouska

Infusion Barre Maui Studio is where I attended my first Barre class approximately 2 years ago. Trish Bianco has developed an extremely individualized, unique and effective practice of Barre. Her personality comes through each and every class, inspirational, supportive and very knowledgable. Unlike a number of other Barre studios I have attended since, it has a very personal and motivating “feel”. All the instructors at Infusion are trained in this method and offer an excellent workout, each slightly different on their own. Each class is a total body workout, you don’t even realize all the muscles you are working in your entire body until they’re sore the next few days. This workout focus’ on one muscle group at a time, literally bringing it to exhaustion, then immediately stretches it out while the muscle is still warm. I would encourage anyone to try this Studio and I am convinced you will be as challenged and pleased with your results as I have been.