Trish Bianco


I have been teaching teaching fitness, yoga, meditation, and wellness coaching for  for 20+ years  mission and purpose in this life is guiding you through creating positive change on and off the mat!

I have lived and taught in 5 countries on 4 continents since 1998 including Maui, Malibu, Bali, Barcelona, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Australia, and Canary Islands.
The work we do in class doesn’t stop there – I believe creating physical strength translates to mental and emotional strength to change and shape your life for the better.
I help you to create your perfect balance to be in Your best physical shape while also tending to your heart, mind, and souls purpose.
I have had the opportunity to  teach and train with the best including Tracy Anderson, Shiva Rea, Fred Devito, Elisabeth Halfpapp, Shanti Gowans, Erich Shiffman, and Saul David Raye to fuse my own creation at Infusion Barre & Yoga with classes –  Hot Yoga Tone and Barre Fusion for lean and toned body in the least amount of time.
I believe the body is the easiest access inward to connect to your heart and your soul.  When you commit to your body First and your mind and soul will follow!
I will be encouraging you on along the way!  I have your back!
xo Trish