Britten Shelson

The best and most fun workout class I’ve ever taken!

Jodel Edwards

Best studio! Clean, great teachers, GREAT workout and it never gets easier which I love! Always a challenge and inspiration! Trish is amazing and the people are always full of aloha!

Erica Wymore

This was my first experience with barre and I LOVED it! The classes are such a great workout, real killers, but the energy and intensity makes time fly and it is fun! Trish and everyone are amazing – energetic, friendly and motivating. I only wish I lived in Maui so I could make this part of my everyday. I will miss it and your amazing studio. Mahalo

Natalie Villalobos

I was visiting Maui on vacation and needed to find a humble, excellent, studio to work it out + get some bliss. I read reviews about Infusion and know I needed to give it a try. I was so excited about the class that I brought my never-before-barre boyfriend to the class. Chelle Claire was a great teacher and made us feel at home. I truly “left it all out on the mat” and loved how there was a seamless and purposeful integration of Vinyasa before we got to barre work. The class made me feel rejuvenated and my bf totally loved it. I knew I needed to come back the next day to do the class with Trish. The next day I had one of the best workouts of my year — the music and her counts were always motivating AND challenging, and I felt thankful for the pain and joy I felt with each new release and posture. After class I told Trish that I’d def be back, bought a tank, and now I need to figure out how to get to Maui regularly just for Infusion (I only live a 4.5 hour plane ride away) 😛

Anne Halouska

Infusion Barre Maui Studio is where I attended my first Barre class approximately 2 years ago. Trish Bianco has developed an extremely individualized, unique and effective practice of Barre. Her personality comes through each and every class, inspirational, supportive and very knowledgable. Unlike a number of other Barre studios I have attended since, it has a very personal and motivating “feel”. All the instructors at Infusion are trained in this method and offer an excellent workout, each slightly different on their own. Each class is a total body workout, you don’t even realize all the muscles you are working in your entire body until they’re sore the next few days. This workout focus’ on one muscle group at a time, literally bringing it to exhaustion, then immediately stretches it out while the muscle is still warm. I would encourage anyone to try this Studio and I am convinced you will be as challenged and pleased with your results as I have been.

Alanna O’Neil

I was always hesitant with group classes, but I love Infusion! It is an whole body workout that is perfect for my training and especially helps me with my posture and alignment. Trish is an amazing and motivating teacher and I always feel challenged every class . You truly see a transformation and change from the beginning. I don’t know what I’d do without it!

Jaimee Petroff

It is an incredible work out! Experienced 3 different instructors so far, each one offering a different style and each one kicking my butt!! They truly care, they push us, while helping us execute the exercises properly. The music is very motivating and I sweat during the warm up. I am now aware of many more muscles I didn’t know existed 🙂

Adriana Richards

Seriously one of the best, most efficient workouts on the island… First time in my life I can see and feel all these muscles! Where’d they even come from lol. Addicting and a beautiful way to start your day!

Erin Dietzel

I love this place! It is wonderful to be in such a positive environment. The instructors are very supportive and you can tell they really care about the needs and wellbeing of each individual student! They really want to make sure you get your money’s worth so they will push you to get the most out of each class. The classes are tough but I always leave feeling strong and accomplished! I also love that the morning classes are available. I go in for an hour, work my butt off (literally) and then have the rest of my day! The studio is clean and bright. All equipment is provided and mats are available to rent ($2) if you don’t have your own. I highly recommend giving them a try!

Tiffany Young

I love these classes! I love that this is a small, hometown, locally ran studio! I love that I feel every class during and after and the teachers are awesome! Along with the beats!

Lindy Shapiro

Best teachers…best atmosphere…best barre on Maui!
Definitely worth the 30 minute drive from the Southside to sweat it out. I absolutely LOVE this program and what it does for my body. I only have time for classes that truly push me…and Infusion is a perfect fit. Trish and the team are incredible…and they are really what sets Infusion apart from other studios. Their huge hearts and passion for a healthy barre lifestyle inspire me to challenge and change and grow stronger.

Heather Harrison

Trish is just one of the most dedicated yoga and barre instructors you will ever find! Her team of teachers is top notch as well. I had been practicing barre for 4 years before moving to Maui, so I was trilled that Trish offering her own very challenging Barre classes on the Northshore of Maui. Barre is a perfect complement to my yoga practice. The core stregth and overall toning of the body barre creates has made my body better than ever after 40!

Natalie Fedan

I would give Infusion more than 5 stars if that was an option. Class is motivating, very challenging while being comfortable and welcoming for students of all levels. The barre classes are fast paced and keep you engaged providing an excellent work out. I never miss an opportunity to go to class when I am in town. I highly recommend Infusion Barre Maui to everyone, it is my favorite barre class anywhere, we are so lucky to have Trish and her instructors on Maui!

Kelly Bowden

ADDICTED!!! I took my first barre class over 2 years ago at Infusion and I’ve been hooked ever since. Its the perfect intensity and one of the only workouts I’ve noticed a difference in my body after a short period of time. Im done in an hour and I feel like Ive given myself a full body workout. I have gotten better with form but It has continued to challenge me. Not only is it fun, friendly, inviting and clean, the owner Trish and her teachers are all so amazing and each bring a unique style but still offer a consistency that I appreciate. I cant say enough great things. Whether visiting or residing on Maui, you’ve got to check out Infusion! See you there <3<3<3

Tatiana Howard

Love Infusion Barre Maui and the team. Always high energy and an amazing workout .. and of course fun! Highly recommended if you love to stay in shape 🙂

Abigail Smith

I love going to barre with Trish and her team! They push you to the next level, the music is spot on, and the studio is always clean. They kick my butt every time — it’s the best!

First-Time Mama

“Good genes, combined with healthy habits as a long time yogini, attributed to my body bouncing back fairly quickly and organically after I gave birth to my baby boy. I took it easy for the first 12 months postpartum, letting nature take its course and allowing my body the time to nurture and heal. When I felt ready, I dove back into my yoga practice to strengthen and tone my muscles. However, it wasn’t until I discovered Trish’s Barre Fusion method that I really took my body to the next level. Her method takes you through a one-hour truly full-body workout that targets, builds, and stretches each muscle group in a specific order to radically change the way your body looks. And it feels amazing. In one-hour, I strengthen and sculpt my triceps, shoulders, biceps, quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, abdominals, etc. all the while to uplifting music keeping the beat to our movements. As a busy mom to a 20 month old, I appreciate that these classes don’t waste your time. You get in, work hard, and get out and on with the rest of your day. Trish is an incredible and very experienced teacher, and she puts so much of her heart into her studio and the community. I always walk out of the classes feeling accomplished and empowered! Thank you Trish and Infusion Barre & Yoga studio!”

– Pia Richardson, first-time mama to a very active 20 months old boy!
(September 20, 2015)

Kristen L.

I drive 30+ minutes here because it’s such a good workout. I did a package of 5 which is a better value than the drop in rate. I’ve only done the Barre Fusion classes which I love.

Trish is a great instructor. You’ll love her and hate her cause she’ll challenge you to really push yourself. Danielle’s class made me sore for two solid days afterwards.

Don’t shy away from the Barre classes. You don’t need any dance background. They will offer some variations in moves really based more on your strength than experience.

I do wish the classes were not so expensive. The classes are high quality, but I can’t justify it weekly. Bring your own mat or pay $2 to use theirs.

I do recommend this studio to anyone who’s looking for a quality, challenging workout wether visiting or living on Maui.

Mitchell M.

I am far from a Yogi. In fact, this was only my second foray into the world of yoga. Consistent with my first attempt…it was very humbling. Although, I did pull a move off called the ‘Crow’ which I apparently should be proud of myself for doing. Who knows…I called it the ‘Cricket’ for about an hour after class.

We took an all levels session on a Friday at 4:30pm. It was 1.15 hours. The yoga studio is small, but very nice. Super clean, and aside from the occasional noise outside from neighboring business traffic, very relaxing. So much so, that I almost passed out during Shavasana at the end of class. The studio also offers mats, blocks, etc. if you don’t have your own. The class we took cost $17.

The instructor (sorry, don’t recall her name) was great. She did an amazing job of setting the mood and tone for the class. She was a very effective instructor. Making sure to spend time at all ends of the studio to ensure that everyone was able to get a good look at perfect form. Hopefully, no one was emulating my form. If so, sorry for whatever pains you may have suffered from the following day.

There are a couple other yoga spots in the area, but I highly recommend this one. The class was so motivating, that it inspired me to take yoga on a more regular basis. The other great part about this studio is that it is right in the heart of Paia, so a short walk from most accommodations. Also, close to Mana Foods in case you want a fresh juice after class.

Natalie F.

If you want a delicious work out that’s challenging, FUN and  effective I highly recommend coming to A Barre fusion/ Flow class.
The classes combine, Ballet, Yoga, cardio and resistance training. You might shake your first couple a classes but as you get stronger Your body will Yearn for the intensity of these workouts.
Are you are in LOVE with YOGA or are looking to get into Yoga? Then  I highly invite you to take Joeys class- He will guide you through a simple yet challenging flow and will make sure you are in Alignment by ever so gently giving you corrections when needed ( something I REALLY appreciate ). Not only is a great yoga teacher he’s a sweetheart with a great Smile.

Trish (owner) is a wonderful woman and I am so thankful for her and her team .

Give  Infusion a try, Your Booty Will thank you 🙂

Kimberly O.

This is the best studio on Maui! It’s super clean and the classes and teachers are amazing!! Trish’s barre class will kick your booty(in the best way) and Amanda’s gong restorative class is a great way to end a hectic week. If you’re looking for a fun vinyasa flow, Heather has great energy and awesome sequences. No matter what class you take at this studio you will be very pleased! I definitely recommend!

Simone B.

Trish and the whole team of Infusion Yoga in Paia are wonderful. I started to take classes 1 month ago and I have never been so passionat about any kind of workout. Trish has a great style of teaching, she makes you feel like you can do anything and is very motivating. I feel very comfortable and its my highlight every day to join her class. My body started already changing after 8 classes of barre. If you want a smooth and spiritual yoga class you should join Denise’s class and if you like it to sweat and feel amazing after yoga don’t miss Reda’s class. I am so sad to leave and I sure will be back. It has not only changed my body but also my whole life. Thank you so much for making me appreciating myself again and giving me back my confidence. I won’t forget you. Trish you are amazing!

Michelle S.

Love it!   Trish is a vibrant yoga guide and Amanda is a soothing meditation guide.  Don’t think twice about attending any of their sessions…just do it!  Geography is my only obstacle in attending more often.  Love flows openly at this studio!!

Cadence F.

Wait a second… I thought I hated exercise? who would’ve known I would be stronger and more vibrant after taking Trish’s barre and yoga classes?! I’m officially hooked and feel healthier than ever.  best part is, Infusion is just a short walk from the ocean, organic food stores, and paia bay coffee. grateful that this incredible community and oasis is present in Paia. aloha!

Laurie P.

Infusion Yoga is a great studio located right in Paia (bonus that it’s next to Mana!).  If you are looking for a studio with a variety of classes, this is the great place.  Joey’s classes are my favorite — he will guide you through a strong flow, while giving you hands on adjustments and positive encouragement.   Tawney will lead you through a graceful flow, and Trish’s classes are also a must.   The studio has several new instructors that I have yet to try — looking forward to exploring more of this studio.  Another positive note for the studio is they frequently have specials — i.e., first time kama’aina rates, discounted packages, etc.   Makes it more accessible for everyone!

Tina L.

Infusion Yoga is awesome. I stayed in Maui for two weeks and I’m so happy to find this Yoga classes. Reda and Heather are great teachers, thank you so much for your yoga lessons. Now I’m addicted to yoga because of these classes. I’m doing my own yoga lesson every day. I changed my food, my lifestyle, everything. It’s such a good feeling. Mahalo, Tina

Michelle K.

I am OBSESSED with Barre Fusion! Never have I ever experienced a more thorough and butt-kicking workout in just an hour. Not only do you leave there feeling like you’ve just completed marathon, but you feel completely restored and energized for the rest of your day. This is the workout for you if you really want to see your body change fast! Trish has brought a whole new way to work out on Maui, Infusion Yoga being the first Barre studio on the island. The studio is bright beautiful and very clean! It has the Maui vibe flowing through it, and its just a a short jaunt to the beach after your workout : )

Before being an avid Barre goer, I took yoga with Trish on many occasion’s. The confidence and knowledge she exudes inside and outside of class is clear concise and beneficial. Not only is she a great teacher, but she makes you feel so welcome and comfortable in her studio you don’t even think twice about coming back, you just do! She has carefully picked her fellow teacher’s who round out this studio to be a perfect 10!

Brockus S.

Trish and the staff at Infusion are Superior to other studios I have attended. They are balanced and kind, attentive and tough! I attended several barre classes and a yoga class during my time in Maui this summer and I was NEVER left feeling empty or vibrant. The classes are challenging and uplifting and Trish leaves you feeling instructed and empowered! I strongly recommend any one at any level to drop in and take a class or stay for a few weeks or months and gain knowledge about your fitness and your spirit. You will NOT be left feeling disappointed.

Patricia V.

Infusion Yoga Maui’s classes are excellent. I love the BARRE class with Trish who is an experienced teacher. The class is one hour and quick, well instructed, easy to follow, very effective and covers every part of the body. If you are looking to sculpt and tone your body and even get cardio benefit in 1 hour you must try the BARRE classes at Infusion Yoga Maui with Tricia. They work and you can see the results when done consistently!

I have tried so many workouts over time and this is the most efficient and effective yet!

Rebecca O.

This studio has changed my life. I have always been into yoga and working out, but I have never had such an intense class that changed my body so drastically.
I have been going to Barre for 6 months and I am the healthiest I have ever been.
Trish is the most amazing teacher, inspiring and hard core.
This is truly the best gym I have ever joined and you never feel like you are wasting your money! You get a great workout everytime.

Ruth M.

What a fun hour of groaning and giggling through the most challenging workout that I have ever done! The music is pumping, it goes so fast and when it’s over I feel amazing. This must be the feeling that people get from running. I wouldn’t know because I hate to run. This class gets the tone and cardio all packed into one hour. Trish is such an expert in her instruction and so motivating. I have never seen the kind of results that I get from Barre Fusion. I feel strong and getting stronger in a safe way. I feel like at 42 I’m aging in reverse. I highly recommend giving it a try.