Rachael Holton


Rachael grew up in Northern Nevada, taking ballet, jazz and contemporary since she was 3 years old. She earned a scholarship exclusively in ballet in 1996 and soon went off to the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland Oregon where she majored in Fine Art, while continuing to study ballet and contemporary dance in both the States and in the United Kingdom. She holds a Bachelors degree in Fine Art, followed by a Masters Degree in Exhibition and Design from San Francisco State University. Rachael has worked professionally as a Gallery Director for 17 years in the both the Bay Area and on Maui, while still continuing to dance. In 2014, Rachael decided to give up her gallery career to pursue her own fine art company, Rachael Holton Fine Art. In the same year, she began teaching ballet, jazz, and had first discovered Barre. “Barre has completely changed my life and has given me the strength, flexibility, and has truly helped me rehabilitate my body from old dance injuries that have occurred over the years. I fell in love with it and started teaching Barre right away.” Rachael recently relocated back to her home in Maui and has completed her training under Trish Bianco, owner and creator of Infusion. Rachael loves teaching and is a firm believer in the amazing benefits, and the quality of life that Barre has to offer with the most beautiful results.