Barre Fusion

We are excited to announce Infusion to be the very first studio to offer Barre classes on Maui by the most highly qualified teachers. Trish’s Tecnique she developed of Barre Fusion™ is a 55 minute fusion of barre fitness, core and Pilates and yoga stretching to create the fastest most effective way to change your...

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Barre Fusion Intermediate

Barre Fusion Intermediate Build upon the Barre Fusion foundation by adding elements of cardio and interval training. Within the 55 minute class you will target every major muscle group, challening the body and mind in a balanced healthy way, but doing so at a quicker pace, incorporating every stretching series in a more active way,...

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Hot Yoga Tone

Where infrared heat and cardio meet yoga using free weights with yoga sequences to intensify each pose for a full body class. The bursts of cardio and the added heat spike the heart rate and bring it back down to burn fat and help you learn to control breathing. Bring yoga mat, towel & bottle...

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